Nice things people are saying about us

Senior Editor Rena Archwamety writes about the next generation of cheesemakers in Cheese Market News, July 20th, 2018:

Adam Centamore (on NPR's WGBH!) honored us by including our cheeses in his list of top six Massachusetts cheesemakers:

Magdalena Dakin of the Yankee Express came to see us and snap a few photos of our cheese room. She then wrote a lovely synopsis of our story and how best to find our cheeses.

In our second year of operation, we sent our cheeses out to the 2016 American Cheese Society Judging & Competition with the hope that we would receive some really good feedback. Franciszka ended up taking home First Place in its category! Considering Franciszka has become the cheese with the most of us contributing to its creation - from ladling curds to flipping and salting to wrapping - we are all particularly proud.

The Smart Shopper's Amber Daigneault came to visit and write a piece about our story and Fromagerie. Thank you for getting the word out, Amber!
Wordsmith Tara Taft of Edible Boston researched and crafted a wonderfully written piece about our Circle CSA, delving into each of our participating farms. To read her fine work, please visit:

"There is a special place in Heaven for people who work with their hands and make things with such love and passion. I found you at the Ashland Farmers Market. You have certainly made the Earth a better place to live and your cheeses are one of the treasures that can be found here... for those who know where to look. My wife and I went to the MFA last Sunday and really, quite frankly... there was nothing there that compared to your awesome cheeses. Staring at and trying to understand a Picasso... where is my Evelina? Don't forget now, winter is right around the corner and it's time for all of us to fatten up a bit... so let's eat tons of delicious Couët Cheese. Don't ever change your beautiful way of doing things."

                                                                                        ~John J., Framingham, MA

"With over 15 years in customer service experience, I can tell you it is rare to feel like the person on the other side of the counter really cares. Your authenticity was palpable, your cheeses were exceptional. After the market I went for lunch with friends, bringing both Adelisca and Evelina with me to share. We ate them with abandon, and both of my friends are now lifelong customers of Couët Farm... Well done!"
                                                                                      ~Amanda M., Oxford MA
We get such nice comments from our farmers' market customers, and one of the best things we've heard is that a woman and her cat would be sharing a tub of Adelisca for dinner. We say, human tested, kitty approved.
In our first year of operation, both our raw, cave-aged sheep's milk cheese, Evelina, and our fresh cow's milk spread, Adelisca, won Silver Medals at the 2015 Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition! We definitely cried a little...
We were interviewed by Chronicle on Boston's Channel 5 WCVB when they researched a story about Massachusetts' cheesemakers. We are very grateful and so pleased with their storytelling. Thank you! If you'd like to take a peek, you can watch it here at minute 01:19. We share the clip with Peter at Concord Cheese Shop and Tricia of Ruggles Hill Creamery.
Douglas Historical Society revealed how classy it is with this kind, handwritten note of thanks for the cheese platters we prepared. So glad you enjoyed them!