Defenders of the milk, guardians of the tomme

When Marie-Laure Couët is not making cheese or doing something related to cheese, she is probably with her baby or reading science fiction or taking a nap.
Aurélien Alphe enjoys taking chicken selfies and cycling. You can find him at the markets wielding cheese and giving his wife the day off.

Baby Cheese Curd reminds us that there are things more important than cheese.

Marie-Christine Zolcinski Couët is hard core about Quality Control and sharing her love of cheese with others. Marie-Laure wouldn't be able to do half of what she does without Marie-Christine.
Benoît Couët will not rest until he has understood and fixed a problem.

Ally LeBlanc is probably going to be a Loreal Marketing Strategist, but for now, she's learning about how amazing and challenging it is to make cheese. Skimming the cream off the top of the lactic curd makes her giggle, and she takes her days at market very seriously. She's also going to see about bringing back the Fromagerie Newsletter...

Emily Pascoe not only looks good in a hairnet, she's an aspiring nutritionist who can tell you why cheese is good for you. Her favorite activity is cleaning cheesecloth (ask her about it!) and she gained Marie-Laure's respect when she meticulously powered through affinage on her first day.