Circle CSA

Couët Farm & Fromagerie is partnering with Walnut Lane Farm and Kettle Brook Farms to bring you a meat and cheese CSA.
Full Share
Value of $111.50 per pick-up

1 lb of cheese

5 lbs of pork

5 lbs of beef

5 lbs winter squash

1 reusable Circle CSA tote

Half Share

Value of $80.50 per pick-up

¾ lb of cheese

3 lbs pork

3 lbs beef

3 lbs winter squash

1 reusable Circle CSA tote

All products are made, grown, and raised right here in south central Massachusetts. The cheese is a selection of soft and firm, fresh and aged. The meats are also a variety of cuts such as ground, chuck, rib, brisket, round, shank, chop, and belly. 

Pick-up will be at Walnut Lane Farm, 33 Koebke Road in Dudley, once every two weeks on Wednesdays over the course of sixteen weeks for a total of eight pick-ups.

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) is “an alternative, locally-based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. It is also the network of individuals who have pledged to support one or more local farms, with growers and consumers sharing the risks and benefits of food production. CSA members pay at the onset of the season for a share of the anticipated harvest; once harvesting begins, they periodically receive shares of product.”

Our three farms believe in working together to help our customers eat local, wholesome food, simply; to ensure a sustainable future for our farms and communities.


Couët Farm & Fromagerie in Dudley, MA is a small family-run cheesemaker working with Walnut Lane Farm cow’s milk and Amish sheep’s milk. Marie-Laure Couët works with farmers who pasture their herds, never treat with hormones, and maintain exceptional milk quality. She and her mother, Marie-Christine, work in the cheese room every week to make award-winning fresh spreads, cute, tangy buttons, and hearty, cave-aged, raw milk wheels.

Pork, Fruits & Vegetables

Kettle Brook Farms in North Brookfield, MA is a family farm that provides its community with hay, livestock, vegetables, and fruits. Neil Johnson’s pigs are raised naturally outside, where they can rut to their heart’s content under the pine trees. They are born and raised on the farm, never given growth hormones, and are fed non-GMO, locally grown corn and soybean grain as well as Marie-Laure’s whey. Quality and great taste are Kettle Brook Farms' focus, keeping customers satisfied and enjoying their fruits, vegetables, and pork.


Walnut Lane Farm in Dudley, MA is a diversified family farm, in the Koebke Family since 1910. Jim and Krisanne raise their South Devon-Cross cattle on acres of pasture year-round with no added anything. They are rotationally grazed as long as the growing season allows and supplemented with a grass-based diet during the colder months. Cow care and comfort are the priorities here for both beef and dairy and the Koebkes believe this is reflected in the quality and taste of their meat and milk.

To secure your spot and to start receiving

your very own bundle of delicious meats and cheeses, 

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Full share total:

$111.50 x 8 pick-ups = $892

Half share total:

$80.50 x 8 pick-ups = $644