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Hi folks,

With the warmer weather and longer days, our birds come out of the coop and become inspired to lay eggs.  Our small flock of pastured geese and Wyandotte chickens would like to offer you eggs to take home and enjoy.  The goose eggs are three times the volume of a chicken egg and very creamy.  We're selling our limited supply at $6/dozen for the chicken eggs and $1.50/goose egg.

Send me an email at to eat some excellent eggs.

All the best,


January 11th 2014 Class: Spreadable Cheese

Posted by on January 13, 2014 at 10:50 PM

We hosted another successful cheesemaking class this past weekend!  This time, we made a fresh, spreadable cow's milk cheese with Walnut Lane Farm milk.  This cheese is made over three days so I started a few days before the Saturday class to be able to show the students every step of the process, cooking show-style.  

I had a great time and I think everyone was happy to participate.  I've uploaded photos of the event on our Facebook page here:

Thank you to all the participants.  I hope you had as much fun as we did.

~Marie-Laure & Aurélien

Marscapella Class Success

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This past Sunday evening a group of local cheese enthusiasts gathered at the farm kitchen to learn just how easy it can be to make Marscapella.  I say, "just how easy," but I did have to do an earlier run-through in Isador's kitchen to find that failure is always possible and test runs are a very good idea.  The six attendents took turns stirring the milk, adding the vinegar, and ladling the curds into moulds until everybody had their very own cheese to take home.  I know one person added pear and pink champagne preserves to her cheese for a tasty dessert - I wonder how the others ate their Marscapella...?

If you'd like to peek at the Italian farm where I learned to make this cheese, feel free to check out:

As well as their website:

Cheesemaking Class!

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If you've always dreamed of learning to make simple cheeses, consider joining us on Sunday May 19th for a class.  Swing by Isador's Fruit & Deli at 261 Main Street in Oxford, MA or call 508-987-1211 to make your payment and reserve a spot before May 12th!  Proceeds will go to renovating the cheesemaking room and cave.