Our Story

February 2017 marks our two year anniversary! In our second year we actually cut back on some of our projects in order to concentrate on what we think is essential. We concentrated on improving the consistency and quality of our tommes and we think our recipes are pretty good. Each batch still varies quite a bit, but this is to be expected with cheese. A good cheesemaker must be patient. We've now won a total of five awards; in 2016 Franciszka received First Place at the American Cheese Society Competition, and at the Big E our Garlic Adelisca won Gold while Fran de Maquis won Bronze.

An accumulation of experiences with small family dairies and delectable cheeses led Marie-Laure to decide during the winter of 2010, that she would become a cheesemaker and farmer. She moved to Europe that spring to apprentice for a few years with cheesemakers, dairy farmers, and a world-renowned affineur. In France, Spain, and Italy, she learned the art and business of making cheese, tending the soil, and the animals that eat its grasses.
Marie-Laure returned to the U.S. with Aurélien and they now live on the farm in Dudley, Massachusetts with their cat, two geese, and a flock of hens.

Marie-Laure's parents liked the idea of becoming farmers for their retirement, so Couët Farm & Fromagerie has become a true family endeavor.

Who we are

We are a family farm with French, Polish, and Québecois roots.

We create small-batch, handmade, cave-aged cheeses with milk from northeast family dairies.

We are currently the only Massachusetts sheep milk cheesemaker.

We tend 23 acres, a flock of laying birds, and a vegetable garden.